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Gnocchi alla Gricia with black garlic

Ingredients for 4 people – Recipe by Marta Cerbino

Sift the flours and mix them with the rest of the ingredients; let the dough rest at room temperature for about an hour. Form small dumplings. In the meantime, peel the black garlic and rehydrate it in hot water equal to double its weight. Leave for thirty minutes, then blend and add salt. Boil the gnocchi for ten minutes in previously salted boiling water, meanwhile brown the diced bacon and deglaze with the white wine; then stir in the pecorino, garlic sauce and a ladle of cooking water. Plate and enjoy.

- 180 g chestnut flour
- 120g “00” flour
- 200 g warm water
- 5 g salt

For the seasoning:
- 200 g bacon
- 200 g pecorino
- black pepper to taste
- 1 head of black garlic
- white wine to taste