With our high quality products and elegant gifts we wish to share our philosophy of life with our customers: harmony and simplicity.

Vulcino consists of an agricultural team who work our 30 hectares of land near Vulci national park, a R&D and processing team who work in our production facility near Canino, and our marketing and communications team who are based in Rome.



Excerpt from “Extra virgin olive oli: the truth in your kitchen” written by David M. Neuman

…Il Vulcino – An Amazing discovery. A wonder. An ancient extra virgin olive oil made with love by a wonderful couple living in a small village 100 km from Rome. Eugénie Grigolini is the face of the brand and a delight. The cultivars are Frantoio, Leccino and an Etruscan olive called Caninese. Think of a blend of local olives as an orchestra. Each instrument works in harmony, and togheter, they form a sound where the sum is greater than each individual. And each year the harvest delivers a varied product that is a result of fantastic weather, the superb care of the trees, and the skill of the miller. …

“Guide to extra virgin olive oil 2021 – how to choose and find a good extra virgin olive oil” produced by Slow Food Editore

Taken over from an ancient property, Eugénie Kunst has begun to set up its agricultural revival with particular attention to the centuries-old olive groves, starting with the recently completed organic conversion. An exciting debut in our guide with extra virgin olive oils of character and noble workmanship.

Prize "Grande olio"

Excellent oil in its category for organoleptic value, adherence to the territory and its cultivars.


Intense and rich in the tone of herbs and artichoke, it has extreme harmony in the finesse and richness of the body.


Wide and fragrant, it excels in green olive tone with dynamic progression and excellent harmony.