My Journey (by Eugénie)

Eugénie is the artistic soul of the family. Born in Holland, daughter of a diplomat, she grew up in various different countries, speaks 5 languages, is a classical musician, sommelier, gourmet and a lover of nature.

She started her musical studies in Washington DC where she won various piano competitions. She then joined the Philadelphia Orchestra and later the Royal College of Music in London where she also studied the viola.

Music brought her to Italy, where she played with the Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Opera house and other musical formations.

Bringing together her love of music, nature and food, she started studying the effect of musical vibrations on plants, insects and liquids. The result is that our olive oil cellars reverberate with the sublime notes of Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and Boccherini which brings the oil to refine its natural equilibrium and that’s only the beginning.

performed by Eugènie Kunst